Importation and early local transmission of covid-19 in brazil, 2020

de Jesus JG, Sacchi C, Candido DDS, Claro IM, Sales FCS, Manuli ER, da Silva DBB, de Paiva TM, Pinho MAB, Santos KCO, Hill SC, Aguiar RS, Romero F, Dos Santos FCP, Gon?alves CR, Timenetsky MDC, Quick J, Croda JHR, de Oliveira W, Rambaut A, Pybus OG, Loman NJ, Sabino EC & Faria NR

(2020) Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo 62, e30.

We conducted the genome sequencing and analysis of the first confirmed COVID-19 infections in Brazil. Rapid sequencing coupled with phylogenetic analyses in the context of travel history corroborate multiple independent importations from Italy and local spread during the initial stage of COVID-19 transmission in Brazil. ? 2020, Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo. All rights reserved.

Andrew Rambaut, 2007