C.Bogaardt@sms.ed.ac.uk Arrived: September 2014
Research Interests:
lm.carvalho@ed.ac.uk Arrived: October 2014
Research Interests: PhD student working on statistical approaches to the phylodynamics of fast-evolving pathogens. Main interests include: transition kernels for MCMC in Bayesian phylogenetics, model adequacy, integrating epidemiological and (phylo) genomic information.
Unknown email address Arrived: October 2017
Research Interests:
Unknown email address Arrived: September 2017
Research Interests:
a.rambaut@ed.ac.uk Arrived: October 2006
Research Interests:

The evolution of emerging human viral pathogens, in particular, fast evolving RNA viruses that have been sampled through time. Inferring evolutionary and population dynamic processes from molecular sequence data. Models of molecular evolution for phylogenetic reconstruction using maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference. Molecular clock techniques including auto-correlated clocks and over-dispersed clocks. Developing computational methods for phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis, primarily using Bayesian MCMC.

Former members of the group

t.bedford@ed.ac.uk Departed: June 2013
Research Interests:

Newton International Fellow studying evolutionary and ecological dynamics of viral pathogens, with particular focus on the influenza virus and its process of antigenic change.

For more information, please go to Trevor's website at www.trevorbedford.com.

j.p.bollback@ed.ac.uk Departed: August 2010
Research Interests:

The core focus of my research is on better understanding the genetics of adaptation in viruses. To accomplish this I integrate empirical and theoretical approaches focusing on the use of experimental evolutionary, population genetic, phylogenetic, and computational methods.

My current research projects focus primarily on molecular evolution of influenza. This work includes estimating rates of reassortment, coadaptation in the genome, and the effects of beneficial mutations on antigenicity. In addition, I am working on statistical approaches to model CpG evolution in primates, patterns of adaptive evolution in Escherichia coli genomes, and estimating selection from time-series allele frequency data.

I have recently moved to the Institute of Science and Technology, Vienna, Austria. Contact details can be found here: External website.

g.dudas@sms.ed.ac.uk Departed: March 2016
Research Interests: PhD student working on the evolutionary dynamics of RNA viruses.
m.d.hall@sms.ed.ac.uk Departed: December 2015
Research Interests: PhD Student working on livestock infectious disease epidemiology jointly supervised by Mark Woolhouse, Andrew Rambaut and Ruth Zadoks
J.A.Hedge@sms.ed.ac.uk Departed: September 2013
Research Interests: PhD student working on the evolutionary dynamics of H1N1pdm (2009, swine-origin, pandemic human influenza).
samantha.lycett@ed.ac.uk Departed: October 2013
Research Interests:
j.raghwani@sms.ed.ac.uk Departed: December 2011
Research Interests: PhD student working on the evolutionary dynamics of RNA viruses.
j.j.welch@gen.cam.ac.uk Departed: November 2009
Research Interests:

Molecular evolution.

I am now in the Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge. Group website

Paul.Wikramaratna@ed.ac.uk Departed: January 2015
Research Interests:
Andrew Rambaut, 2007