TreeStat is an application that can process a set of trees in a PHYLIP or NEXUS format tree file and calculate a number of summary statistics for each. These are saved in a tab-delimited file for analysis in Tracer or statistics packages. A range of summary statistics are included:

  • Tree-Balance Statistics. Colless's, B1, N_bar, cherry count.
  • Tree shape.Tree height, node heights, treeness, Pybus' gamma.
  • Population genetic. Fu & Li's D, external/internal ratio.
  • Other.Tree length, root-to-tip lengths.

Version History

2008-11-29 - v1.2

Added new statistics
New features:
A few new statistics including obtaining attributes written by BEAST (such as 'rate') at particular MRCAs or averaged over clades.
Bugs fixed:
A few minor fixes
2007-06-29 - v1.1

Important fixes to the Gamma & Delta statistics
New features:
A few new statistics
Bugs fixed:
Fixed incorrect calculation of Pybus's Gamma & Delta statistics Improvements to error handling
2005-09-28 - v1.0

First released version
Andrew Rambaut, 2007