Matthew Hall

Research Interests


Total publications: 3
Using genomics data to reconstruct transmission trees during disease outbreaks.
Hall MD, Woolhouse MEJ & Rambaut A (2016) Revue scientifique et technique-Office international des epizooties 35, 287-296.
The effects of sampling strategy on the quality of reconstruction of viral population dynamics using Bayesian skyline family coalescent methods: A simulation study.
Hall MD, Woolhouse M & Rambaut A (2016) Virus Evolution 2, vew003.
Reconstructing geographical movements and host species transitions of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype SAT 2.
Hall MD, Knowles NJ, Wadsworth J, Rambaut A & Woolhouse M (2013) MBio 4, e00591-13.
Andrew Rambaut, 2007