Jonathan Bollback

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Total publications: 20
Evolutionary genomics of Staphylococcus aureus reveals insights into the origin and molecular basis of ruminant host adaptation.
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Estimation of 2Nes from temporal allele frequency data.
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Genes under positive selection in Escherichia coli.
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Clonal interference is alleviated by high mutation rates in large populations.
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The use of coded PCR primers enables high-throughput sequencing of multiple homolog amplification products by 454 parallel sequencing.
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Exploring genomic dark matter: a critical assessment of the performance of homology search methods on noncoding RNA.
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Behavioral paternity predicts genetic paternity in satin bowerbirds, a species with a non-resource-based mating system.
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Fitness effects of beneficial mutations: the mutational landscape model in experimental evolution.
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SIMMAP: stochastic character mapping of discrete traits on phylogenies.
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Population structure of the malaria vector Anopheles darlingi in a malaria-endemic region of eastern Amazonian Brazil.
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Posterior mapping and predictive distributions.
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True and false gharials: a nuclear gene phylogeny of crocodylia.
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Stochastic mapping of morphological characters.
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Inferring the root of a phylogenetic tree.
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Isolation of polymorphic microsatellite markers from the malaria vector Anopheles darlingi.
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Empirical and hierarchical Bayesian estimation of ancestral states.
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Application of the likelihood function in phylogenetic analysis.
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Andrew Rambaut, 2007